Mega-Auditions Casting for November 5

Thank you for auditioning for Theatre Alliance! We appreciate your patience during the casting process. To accept or decline your role, please email by Tuesday, November 29. As we get closer to rehearsal time for your show, if you have a lot of conflicts, we may need to replace you. You will be expected to assist with load-in and strike, as well as show promotion. If you were not cast this round, or were a “this role only” candidate, please come to play with us again soon! We thank you for being a part of our organization, and we look forward to working with you!

Titanic: The Musical

Performs Feb 10-19. Extension possible.

Andrews – Jeffery Maggs
Barrett/1st Class Passenger/3rd Class Passenger – Hal Roberts
Bride/Bell/3rd Class Passenger/Hartley/1st Class Passenger – Jake Messina
Fleet/Carlson/Stoker/1st Class Passenger/3rd Class Passenger/Lead Dancer – Zach Pfrimmer
Captain Smith – Stephen Robinson
Ismay – Gray Smith
Charles/1st Class Passenger – Alex Stryker
Edgar/Boxhall/3rd Class Passenger – David Nichols
Hitchens/Isidor Straus/3rd Class Passenger – Mark Walek
Jim Farrell/Stoker/1st Class Passenger – John C Wilson
Pitman/Etches – Lazarus LeGrant
Murdoch/Bass Player – Robert Evans
Lightoller/3rd Class Passenger – Derrick D Harley
Bellboy/3rd Class Passenger – Emerson Carroll
Alice/3rd Class Passenger – Amber Engel
Caroline/Stewardess/1st Class Passenger – Rachel Pront
Kate Murphy/Stewardess/1st Class Passenger/Lead Dance – Rebecca Askew
Kate Mullins/Stewardess/1st Class Passenger – Heidi Shafer
Kate McGowan/1st Class Passenger – Mykie Upchurch
Ida Straus/3rd Class Passenger – Michele Groneck
Additional Passengers
Male Presenting
Kimberly Boles
David Cole
Christina Economos
Elena Madan
Kira Madan
Kaelee Mecham
Jackson Thompson
Sarah Thompson
Female Presenting
Katy Carroll
Cailey Neuschaefer
Gloria Rochester
Lillian Rule
Claire Wait
Elliott Wait
Katherine Wiley
Laurie Williams

Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet

Performs March 17-26. Extension possible.

Nurse to Juliet – Sophia Russell
Escalus, Prince of Verona – Mykie Upchurch
Paris, a young nobleman – Zachary Pfrimmer
Montague – Stephen Robinson
Capulet – Ken Ashford
An Old Man, uncle to Capulet – TBA
Juliet, daughter to Capulet – Cailey Neuschaefer
Mercutio, kinsman to Price & friend to Romeo – Elliott Lerner
Benvolio, nephew to Montague & friend to Romeo – John C. Wilson
Romeo, son to Montague – TBA
Tybalt, nephew to Lady Capulet – Kenan Stewart
Friar Lawrence, a Franciscan – Jeremy Engel
Friar John, of the same order – Bernie Newton
Balthasar, servant to Romeo – Stephanie Robinson
Sampson, servant to Capulet – Janea Platt
Gregory, servant to Capulet – Cory Blalock
Page to Paris – Angie Gamble
Another Page – TBA
An Officer-TBA
Lady Montague, wife to Montague – Laurie Williams
Lady Capulet, wife to Capulet – Katy Carroll
Peter, servant to Juliet’s nurse – Kimberly Boles
Abraham, servant to Montague – Jen Patina-Perez
An Apothecary – Leslie Craig
Three Musicians – TBA
Citizens of Verona, relations to both houses, Maskers, Guards, Watchmen, Attendants
David Cole
Adriana Herring
Ava Jones
Elena Madan
Christine Parker
Gloria Rochester
Lillian Rule
Faith Shuman
Sarah Thompson

The Boy From Oz

Performs April 14-23. Extension possible.

Peter Allen – Gray Smith
Judy Garland – Diane Paukstelis
Liza Minelli – Rebecca Askew
Marion Woolnough – TBA
Greg Connell – Lazarus LeGrant
Boy (Young Peter) – TBA
Dick Woolnough/Dee Anthony – Stephen Robinson
Chris Bell – John C Wilson
Mark Herron/Trick – Jake Messina
Karen – Mackenzie Boyles
Shena – Kimberly Boles
Linelle – Kaelee Mecham
Josie Mann – TBA
Wally Bell – TBA
Bonnie – Sarah Thompson
Valerie Anthony – Janea Platt
Kimberly Boles
Mackenzie Boyles
Adriana Herring
Lazarus LeGrant
Molly McKenzie
Kaelee Mecham
Jake Messina
Zachary Pfrimmer
Janea Platt
Jalik Roberson
Sarah Thompson
John C Wilson

The Color Purple

Performs May 12-21 (no performance Mother’s Day, but 2 shows on Saturday prior). Extension possible.

Celie – Kennethia Mason
Nettie – Adriana Herring
Pa – Derrick D Harley
Mister – David Caldwell
Harpo – Lazarus LeGrant
Sofia – Risa Rav
Shug Avery – Taylor Hope
Church Ladies:
Jarene – Michelle Johnson-Epps
Doris – Olivia Sledge
Darlene – Fanci LaShe
Jahmel Aiken
Millie Caldwell
Chloe Howard
Derrick Jones
Jalik Roberson
Gloria Rochester
Sophia Russell
Faith Shuman
Kiera Whitaker