Afterlife: A Ghost Story

Runs October 5, 2018
Friday, October 5, 2018, 8:00PM

By Steve Yockey

A ghost story in the most literal sense, afterlife follows married couple Connor and Danielle as they prepare their beachfront home for an impending storm. They do their best to come together and get the job done while packing up items stained by painful memories they don’t know how to talk about. But when the storm rolls in faster than expected and a great wave rises up to drag them under, it may be too late for the them to come to terms with their history and escape the haunting world of unsent letters, unexpected snow, unfinished sand castles, unrelenting birds, and unforgettable loss that threatens to swallow the pair forever.

“…a play doesn’t have to be haunting, literally, in order to be intriguing and mysteriously compelling. Ghost or no ghost, afterlife aims to raise some goosebumps.” – American Theatre Magazine

“The haunting fright of afterlife comes not from a traditional sense of horror but from within… Yockey doesn’t present a specific view or theology or God here, but there is a sense of afterlife being a post-modern take on ‘The Divine Comedy’… ensure[s] some lively discussion on the way home from the theatre on the meaning of it all.” – New Orleans Times Picayune

“…unnerving drama… There’s scant comfort but a lot of engrossing drama in playwright Yockey’s take on the afterlife. afterlife: a ghost story is a ride most people will enjoy” – Edge Boston

“Suffice it to say that if the explosive ending of the first act delivers chills of the oldfashioned, scary-movie kind, the final scenes of afterlife leave a lingering chill of a more ambiguous sort.” – The Boston Globe

This is a free event — Donations will be accepted at the door to benefit GreeNest of Winston-Salem, a non-profit group that provides household furnishings to individuals and families transitioning to sustainable housing.